TORRANCE – How successful are drivers and vendors when trying to  reach commercial fleet managers by phone? To find out, Automotive Fleet called 50 fleet managers and spoke directly to only eight. The remaining calls went to voicemail. Voice mail activated after two rings was the most common result.

Patti Early, fleet manager for Florida Power & Light in Riviera Beach, Fla., was one fleet manager who answered her phone after the first ring. Asked about her quick pickup, she said, "I answered because it rang. I try to answer the phone and not let it go to voicemail if I don't have to."

The phone pickup survey results include

Straight to Voicemail: 8

Voicemail after 1 ring: 4

Voicemail after 2 rings: 1

Voicemail after 3 rings:  10

Voicemail after 4 rings: 9

Voicemail after 5 rings: 3

Operator forwards to phone, then voicemail: 7

Operator forwards to phone, then answer: 1

1 ring, answer: 4

2 rings, answer: 2

3 rings, answer: 1