MT. LAUREL, NJ At its 2009 Customer Technology Forum in February, Automotive Resources International (ARI) announced a new tool that allows clients to produce predictable lifecycle analyses using data visualization.

This enhancement to ARI's Web-based fleet management system, ARI insights, compares vehicles side-by-side, showing consolidated views of vehicle metrics. Data input fields are presented graphically using gauges and dials. Clients can interactively adjust lease term, miles driven, fuel cost, ratio of city versus highway driving, and fleet incentives.

"The objective of ARI's predictable analysis is to show clients the impact of these variables on total cost of ownership, costs per mile, depreciation, maintenance, and monthly costs," said Dan O'Callahan, department head, client information systems. "This tool equips the fleet manager to make informed decisions."

ARI's 2009 Customer Technology Forum was held in Las Vegas in early February. The annual event provides clients the opportunity to discuss fleet technology, operations, service, and strategy with ARI management.