SUNNYVALE, CA – TeleNav, Inc. has added TeleNav Vehicle Manager to its Mobile Resource Management (MRM) product line. Powered by Turnpike, the Vehicle Manager program combines vehicle diagnostics and IFTA Fuel Tax filing with GPS-enabled navigation, tracking, and wireless forms and timecards. TeleNav Vehicle Manager is designed to help companies of all sizes better manage day-to-day fleet operations, reduce operating costs, and simplify regulatory compliance.

TeleNav Vehicle Manager uses an electronic on-board recorder (EOBR) paired (via Bluetooth) with a GPS-enabled wireless phone to gather and submit engine diagnostics, driver performance information, odometer readings, mileage reports, wireless forms, and wireless timecards. The wireless phone also enables tracking of vehicles en route, providing better control of fleet and logistics operations, and gives drivers audible turn-by-turn directions to increase safety and reduce fuel consumption, according to the company.

Vehicle Manager also offers supervisors' operational reporting features that outline daily vehicle and driver performance details, including total distance traveled, stop / idle time, hard braking incidents, fuel efficiency, and odometer readings for up-to-the-minute fleet analysis.

Additional features include:

  • Odometer readings, mileage reports, and fault codes automatically updated in reports viewable online for vehicle maintenance evaluation.
  • Driver scorecard reports that enable organizations to compare performance and safety records of each driver.
  • Online mapping with real-time location and recent activity reports for payroll verification and arrival and departure time confirmation.
  • Historical breadcrumb trails with stop / idle percentages to analyze fleet performance.