WASHINGTON, D.C. --- The U.S. average price for diesel fuel slid 13.5 cents to $2.809 per gallon, the lowest since June 18, 2007 and 60.1 cents less than the price a year ago, the Energy Information Administration reported on Nov. 19.

Prices continued to fall in all regions and have now dropped below the $3 mark in all major regions for the first time since September 17, 2007.

The diesel price on the East Coast slipped 13.6 cents to $2.924 per gallon. Although the prices in all three sub-regions of the East Coast fell, prices in the Central Atlantic and New England remained above $3 a gallon while the price in the Lower Atlantic dropped to $2.84 per gallon.

Shrinking 12.4 cents, the diesel price in the Midwest hit $2.764 per gallon. The average price in the Gulf Coast declined the most, plunging 15 cents to $2.745 per gallon, now the lowest regional price.

Prices in the both the Rocky Mountains and the West Coast retreated 14.2 cents per gallon, settling at $2.822 per gallon in the Rocky Mountains and at $2.768 per gallon on the West Coast. In California, the average diesel price weakened 15.9 cents to $2.754 per gallon.