GAITHERSBURG, MD --- Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), a leading supplier of retail fuel pricing information, has upgraded its gas shopping service on the iPhone to allow customers to search the closest and cheapest stations in a given area.

Version one allowed customers to tap a screen and view the 10 cheapest stations in their area. This newest upgrade gives customers the option to also see the prices at the 10 nearest stations.

"When someone is very low on fuel, price isn't the major concern," said Fred Rozell, director of retail pricing for OPIS. "They need to get to a station and they need to get there fast."

The iGasUp software takes the customer's position from the iPhone's GPS and maps it against the iGasUp database of more than 110,000 fueling locations, instantly showing the 10 closest or cheapest stations from that position.

With gasoline and diesel prices falling rapidly, iGasUp users are saving more than 15 cents a gallon in some markets by finding the stations with the most aggressive price decreases.

"It's counter-intuitive, but you can actually save a lot of money in down markets by shopping for your fuel," Rozell said.

While the application also allows customers to search by zip code, Rozell said the next OPIS release will allow customers to search by simply entering a city name.

"It is all about ease of use," he said. "And the nice thing about the iPhone platform is that you get customer feedback instantly."

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