WOODLAND PARK, CO – iTRAK Corporation has commercially released its iTRAK Report Manager application. A key feature of iTRAK Report Manager is the fully automatic generation of vehicle reports as a background activity on any user's PC, according to Business Wire

The new application is designed to be used with the company's core product, iTRAK Fleet Manager. Customers can now schedule an expanded array of reports to run in real-time or on any selected future date. Users can configure reports to run once or on a recurring daily, weekly, or quarterly basis. Data is automatically stored on the user's PC for archiving and subsequent retrieval.  

This first release of iTRAK Report Manager features 10 different report types, such as Activity, Detailed, Stop, State/Province, Over Speed, and Landmarks-by-Vehicle.  

New reports include:

  • I/O Report: Tracks all on-board sensor activities, such as door open/closed, PTO engaged/disengaged, or lights on/off.
  • Trip Report: Captures data relating to a specific "trip," defined as all events between "start" and "stop" positions. The report summarizes trip distance and duration, as well as the destination address and stopped duration.
  • Landmark Report: This new report shows all visits (by all vehicles) to one or more selected landmarks.
  • Engine Idle Report: A tool for controlling unnecessary fuel waste, this report shows engine run times, idle times, and maximum and average idle events for each vehicle. Users can enter the fuel consumption rate and fuel price, and the report will calculate the cost of idling.

Future releases of iTRAK Report Manager are expected to include a maintenance report, time card, and a driver's log.