INGOLSTADT, GERMANY – Audi has revealed details surrounding its latest Multi Media Interface system. The biggest change to the system is the addition of a 40-gigabyte hard drive, with 10-gigabytes of that dedicated exclusively to a new “jukebox” feature that will allow users to load up to 4,000 songs on to the hard drive using SD cards, according to Add the optional Audi Music Interface, and you can connect your iPod or other MP3 player and control it through the in-car system with the new ‘joystick.’ On the screen, you’ll get full readouts of the title and track listings, and navigating through playlists and menus should be as easy as using an iPod.

When not listening to music, the new MMI offers other optional features, like standard and digital radio reception, analog and digital TV reception, and DVD playback, all through the in-dash screen. The new system features a built-in navigation system that uses maps stored on the hard drive rather than on DVD. Storing maps on the hard drive allows Audi to include more detailed maps and a new 3D digital topographical feature that displays pictures of landmarks along the way. Any time a destination is entered, the system will try to come up with three different routes to get there, one of which will be designed to use the least possible amount of gas.

Audi has also teamed up with Futuremark to introduce a fully customizable dashboard, according to The company was contracted by Audi to develop and produce and actively changing in dash GPS and HUD system. Everything you would normally see on the gauge cluster can be seen on the HUD, or drivers can keep is simple by just showing a tachometer and a speedometer. Drivers can also choose from a dark on light color scheme. The entire system can be altered right down to the finest detail.

The system was just revealed at the recent NVISION Technology Show in San Jose, Calif., and Audi plans to begin implementing the system into their lineup, beginning with the SUVs, after testing is complete.