WASHINGTON, D.C. --- Safe Kids Buckle Up, the child passenger safety program of Safe Kids USA in partnership with General Motors and Chevrolet, has won a Peter K. O'Rourke Special Achievement Award from the Governors Highway Safety Association.

The award, presented at GHSA's annual meeting, honors Safe Kids Buckle Up for its excellence in becoming the largest child passenger safety program of its kind. In 2007, the program reached a significant milestone: 10 years of inspecting child safety seats for correct installation and educating families about how to be safer in and around vehicles.

Throughout the decade, Safe Kids held approximately 45,000 vehicle safety events for families and checked more than 900,000 car seats for proper installation. In addition, the program rolled out innovative activities that go beyond crash protection by educating families on other dangers children face in and around vehicles such as hyperthermia and back-over/roll-over risks.

Mitch Stoller, president and chief executive officer of Safe Kids Worldwide, accepted the award on behalf of the program.

"We are honored to have Safe Kids Buckle Up and our unique partnership with GM and Chevy recognized by this prestigious award," Stoller said. "Peter K. O'Rourke dedicated his life to improving traffic safety and set an example for all advocates to follow. In that spirit, the evolution of the Safe Kids Buckle Up program is designed to meet the emerging safety needs of families."

The Governors Highway Safety Association is a nonprofit association representing the highway safety offices of states, territories, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. GHSA provides leadership and representation for the states and territories to improve traffic safety, influence national policy and enhance program management. The organization presented five Peter K. O'Rourke Special Achievement Awards, named in honor of past GHSA chairman and traffic safety leader Peter K. O'Rourke.