VANCOUVER, BC – WebTech Wireless Inc., a provider of location-based and fleet telematics services, has announced its environmental performance solution, "Telematics for the Planet," designed to help fleet operators achieve measurable results from their fuel cost-cutting and carbon reduction plans. The solution includes a certification tool that allows identification of vehicles operating within regulatory standards or user-defined targets.

The Telematics for the Planet real-time measurement and reporting solution allows operators of transport, government, service, and automotive fleets to make decisions that will have the biggest impact on reducing their carbon footprint and fuel costs. It simplifies the management of key issues such as excessive idling and speed, inefficient driving practices, maintenance problems, and unnecessary miles driven. Easy-to-access tools include exception alerts, which enable immediate response to critical concerns, and route optimizers that identify travel options according to time, distance, or roadway needs. Real-time carbon calculations confirm emissions levels for efficient route planning and driver performance analysis.

This solution provides a way to structure vehicle certification around measurable parameters based on organizational targets or environmental standards. It allows government agencies at local, regional, and national levels, as well as private business, to select best-in-class measurement parameters and compare them to actual vehicle-generated results. It directly addresses the major components of a green vehicle strategy: fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, driving behavior, maintenance, and carbon footprint — all to prepare organizations for the emerging carbon economy.

WebTech Wireless is currently engaged in a number of private sector and government projects aimed at implementing Telematics for the Planet in North America and overseas.

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