EDEN PRAIRIE, MN – GE Capital Solutions Fleet Services' new "Add Driver" online functionality makes it easier for fleet managers to add and manage drivers without the need for a drive/vehicle relationship, saving fleet managers' time and improving driver profile accuracy, the company said.

"Add Driver" is a user interface that allows the addition of individuals to a fleet's driver inventory without having to assign them to a vehicle immediately. Individuals added through this process go through several types of validation, resulting in a more accurate driver list. "Add Driver" can be used in many different ways based on how a company manages its fleet. Whether fleet managers assign individuals, locations, or managers, as the assigned driver of their units, "Add Driver" simplifies driver and unit assignments.

The ability to independently store and separate driver and vehicle offers fleet managers added flexibility in data management. They no longer need their own internal systems to support driver details not immediately tied to vehicles. Now all driver data can be stored in one system providing fleet managers with more flexibility, more consistent and accurate data, and faster, easier driver and unit assignments.

Key benefits include quick and easy vehicle assignments, reduced data entry time, and improved driver data accuracy.