PRINCETON, NJNAFA has created the Advanced Fleet Management Seminar, an intensive upper-level course for fleet managers to address the daily challenges of the industry. It will be offered October 17-19 at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside in New Orleans.

"NAFA's Certification Board and Education Development Committee have teamed to create and deliver our first Advanced Fleet Management Seminar to meet the education needs of experienced fleet managers and Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM) candidates," said NAFA Senior Vice President Chris Amos, CAFM. "It is designed to cover the tougher concepts in the CAFM curriculum in an environment offering interactive discussion with subject matter experts and practical exercises in two disciplines to let attendees gain simulated experience to ensure mastery."

"NAFA is fielding its best CAFM instructors for the Advanced Fleet Management Seminar. Attendees who have already worked as fleet professionals for several years, attended the Fleet Management Seminar, or reviewed the CAFM curriculum will appreciate that the time will be spent on advanced topics in each discipline," added Amos.

Open to all fleet management professionals, the Advanced Fleet Manager Seminar is recommended for fleet managers with five years or more of experience. The seminar will be broken down into eight sessions, each covering one of the discipline modules of the CAFM program. The modules covered include Asset Management, Business Management, Financial Management, Fleet Information Management, Maintenance Management, Risk Management, Vehicle Fleet Management, and Professional Development. Members of the Certification Board will also participate in a Question & Answer segment at the end of each session.

Fleet managers with less than five years of experience can spend a week immersed in fleet education by attending the NAFA Fleet Management Seminar on October 15-17 and then attending the Advanced Fleet Manager Seminar. Attendees can save up to $200 if they sign up for both by September 19. In addition, fleet managers who either sign up for the Advanced Fleet Manager Seminar or sign up for both seminars, may take the CAFM exam on October 20 with the exam fee waived.

Materials will be provided in binders, with printouts of presentation slides, sample forms on policy and procedure, valuable charts to help with lifecycle cost analysis, informative articles and lists of terminology.

"The Advanced Fleet Manager Seminar is a direct response to the needs of our more seasoned fleet managers and CAFM participants, who are seeking certification as experts in the field of fleet management," said Joseph Dunne, NAFA's Director of Education.