CLEVELAND, OH --- Mobile Awareness LLC, a provider of transportation safety products, has introduced VisionStat, a series of industrial wired and wireless commercial vehicle camera systems.


Designed for easy installation, VisionStat camera systems can be configured with up to four infrared night-vision CCD cameras. Available in both wired and wireless versions, all camera types (front, side and rear mounting) are waterproof and produce high-resolution images.

Advanced features of the 5.6-inch color monitor include a control interface embedded into the monitor enclosure, a built-in audio speaker, turn signal switching and multiple mounting methods. Designed with the same form-factor as the wired version, the wireless edition has an embedded 2.4 GHz radio for quality video image transmission.


"Mobile Awareness recognizes that businesses want flexible, effective and affordable camera systems that improve their vehicle safety environments," said Brandon Stotsenburg, director of sales and marketing at Mobile Awareness. "Our VisionStat color video systems were developed to provide high-quality cameras at a price which will allow our customers to outfit their entire fleets for safety while including features such as an auto dimming display and a common mounting footprint for both our wired and wireless systems."


Additional features include the automatic switching of camera views whenever the vehicle is in reverse or via left/right turn signals for side view cameras. The system automatically switches and displays the word "Backward" (reversing camera), "Left" or "Right" (side-view cameras) on the monitor for the enabled camera. The audio is enabled so the driver can hear around as well as see blind spot areas.

"With more of our customers looking to utilize multiple cameras in locations other than just the rear of the vehicle, an affordable and durable product that would ease the time and cost of installation could provide significant benefit," Stotsenburg concluded.