TROOPER, PA --- Advanced Driver Training Services (ADTS) has introduced a new Web-based driver training course designed to help business fleets reduce their fuel costs at a time of rapidly rising gas prices.

The ecologically friendly driving techniques taught in the new ADTS Driving Green course can save fleets as much as 30-35 percent on fuel costs, the company said. Details on the course are available at


Driving Green is an online training course that teaches fuel-efficient driving techniques through an interactive program. In addition to training drivers to use techniques that will improve gas mileage and reduce fuel costs, the course also helps to reduce harmful emissions, protect the environment, and keep fleet drivers safer in their travels.

"By making small changes in their everyday driving habits with the help of the Driving Green course, fleet drivers can make a big impact on their fuel efficiency, which in turn will help employers reduce their escalating fuel costs," said ADTS President Tom DiRocco. With many fleets spending millions of dollars on fuel each year, the potential cost savings are significant.


Driving Green covers a range of topics that affect gas mileage, including aggressive driving, idling, vehicle packing, trip planning and vehicle maintenance. The course uses video, audio, graphics and animation.

An exam at the conclusion of the training tests drivers' retention, with scores provided instantly. A tracking system logs driver scores and enables fleet administrative staff to monitor driver progress and compliance.



For more details, visit or contact the company at (800) 486-ADTS or