ALTAVISTA, VA – With fuel prices at current levels, Schrader Bridgeport International, Inc., marketer of AirAware TPMS systems, components, and tools, is reminding fleets that proper tire inflation can help save fuel and money. And for vehicles not OEM-equipped with TPMS, Schrader offers TPMS Retrofit Kits that can be used on most passenger cars, light trucks, vans, and SUVs. TPMS automatically and continuously monitors the tires, providing an audible and visible alert when pressure is 25 percent low.

Schrader offers two TPMS Retrofit Kits — one battery-operated and one hard-wired. Both kits include a combined receiver/dash-mounted display, four wheel-mounted transmitters that fit most wheel applications, and installation instructions. For monitoring a spare tire, a fifth sensor is offered separately.


  • Tire Pressure Measuring Range: 0-101.5 PSI (0 to 700 kPa).
  • Monitored Temperature Range: -40º to 257º F (-40º to 125º C).
  • Battery Life: Five years normal use (hard-wired unit).
  • Warranty: One year.