SANTA MONICA, CA – After three auto show appearances and the occasional spy photo and video from Germany’s high-speed Nürburgring test circuit, it’s no secret that the Lexus LF-A supercar concept is headed for production, according to

With an estimated 500 horsepower coming from the LF-A’s 5.0L V-10, the car will carry a price tag more than $200,000.

Shown in both coupe and roadster forms, the LF-A will first launch as a coupe. Roadster versions will be priced even higher. Both body styles are approximately two inches shorter and an inch narrower than the 483-hp Ferrari F430, with a similarly sized wheelbase. A 2007 Ferrari F430 Spider costs $211,525. Although final specifications have not yet been released, Lexus says the LF-A will reach a top speed over 200 mph.