CHICAGO– Teletrac, a provider of fleet management systems, will integrate NAVTEQ Traffic and NAVTEQ Transport in its newly enhanced Fleet Director product. Fleet Director is the first automated fleet management navigation system to leverage both NAVTEQ solutions in one enterprise offering. Teletrac already uses NAVTEQ map data for North America.

The latest evolution in mobile resource management from Teletrac, Fleet Director, combines the requisites of a GPS-based commercial vehicle tracking and fleet management system with the added features of traffic and trucking attributes. Dynamic turn-by-turn routing capabilities allow fleet operators the freedom to navigate streets with the assistance of voice prompts, taking into account real-time traffic conditions and road characteristics specific to the transportation industry.

With NAVTEQ Traffic ML, drivers receive continuously updated real-time traffic information in 78 markets across the United States and Canada. Notification of incidents and congestion alerts drivers about potential traffic delays and helps avoid traffic problems.

Additionally, this enhanced system utilizes NAVTEQ Transport truck attributes. With the inclusion of NAVTEQ Transport, fleet managers can route trucks away from low-clearance areas and streets that their vehicles cannot maneuver. NAVTEQ Transport provides road attributes that directly affect truck routing, such as legal restrictions, physical restrictions, and preferred truck routes.

Teletrac plans to have the product available within the third quarter of 2008.