SAN MARTIN, CA – The Millennium Plus GPS Fleet Management System enables fleet managers to track vehicles from any computer that has Internet access or a phone line. It offers near real-time GPS location updates and the ability to track vehicle location using satellite photos of cars on the road. The GPS tracking device can also alert bosses when there's major deviation from routes or if drivers are going too fast.

"The Millennium Plus vehicle tracking device allows you to keep an eye on your employees who may be thousands of miles away," said Vince Conti, from, which sells the Millennium Plus GPS. "It's incredible peace of mind for you and for them. They know they're not alone on the road."

For companies dealing in the fleet management, such as construction, news gathering agencies, and auto rental companies, Millennium Plus Vehicle Tracking offers new ways to manage and maintain vehicles.

With the use of graphs to monitor ignition on/off reporting, real-time locations, and detailed history reports of vehicles, the system can help streamline fleet management.