RICHMOND, B.C. – Agnik and Sierra Wireless have agreed to work together on a vehicle tracking system, according to Agnik is a data analytics company for distributed, mobile, and embedded environments. The company's MineFleet offering is a predictive data mining system for both short- and long-term modeling, benchmarking, monitoring, and optimization of vehicle health, driver behavior, and fuel consumption. Information of a vehicle is optimized with this system so it is easy to send it over wirelessly.

Sierra Wireless is a provider of modems and software to connect people and systems to mobile broadband networks around the world. Its AirLink offering is a vehicle tracking solution. AirLink products run on embedded intelligence from ALEOS that include stand-alone wireless modems for Mobile and M2M solutions.

Sierra Wireless has already enabled Wi-Fi into the AirLink products. These wireless communications platforms offer solutions for utilities, public safety, transportation, financial transactions, and infrastructure monitoring.

The new system is able to collect data from the vehicle data bus and perform analytics without any intervention from the driver. This can optimize fuel economy by influencing the driving style and can forecast the health of the vehicle to prevent breakdowns.