SAN DIEGO says it provides the missing link for online vehicle sales by providing access to vehicle transport via the Internet. Though vehicles have been available online for years, transportation was a difficulty that often slowed or prevented online purchase for dealerships. helps solve this problem through its new Vehicle Transport Management system, which allows dealers to enter into contracts with car carriers and manage the entire delivery process online.

Since launching the new toolset two months ago, the number of vehicles dispatched directly to carriers via the Web site has grown to more than 5,000 weekly. By moving this process online, the entire transaction is streamlined.

Jerry Scott, sales manager for Power Auto Group, has worked with CentralDispatch for more than five years. "CentralDispatch is tied into our overall Internet sales. The Internet has obviously increased everyone's access to vehicles, but moving the vehicles was still difficult. And we always had the 'one car problem': we couldn't move single vehicles quickly or cost effectively," he said. "CentralDispatch has helped solve this problem for us. We now have access to so many carriers, nationwide, that we can easily move single vehicles."

As a part of the overall online buying process, CentralDispatch's system simplifies transportation for dealers who purchase auction vehicles. When dealers know that a single vehicle or several truckloads of vehicles can be moved quickly and reliably, they can access a wider range of vehicles nationwide, thus facilitating a better inventory mix. With, auto dealers and auctions can gain online access to virtually every licensed interstate car carrier in North America, a total of more than 5,000 carriers and tens of thousands of trucks. CentralDispatch transforms a paper-, fax-, and phone-based procedure into an online automated process that connects dealers and auctions to carriers.

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