BOSTON– FleetMatics has released their new updated software. This release features enhanced Web-based reporting capabilities and a comprehensive “dashboard.”

The new FleetMatics dashboard feature provides users a precise summary of their fleet’s activity. Fleet performance is compared against user-defined company standards through a series of simple graphs and pie charts showcasing their vehicles, including: hours worked, excessive vehicle idling time, vehicle mileage analysis, and any speeding violations. As the FleetMatics solution can be accessed from any Web connection, fleet owners can detect and eliminate non-optimum driver behavior leading to reduced fuel costs and substantially increased productivity.

Through their recent customer survey, FleetMatics found users wanted a faster way to identify costly activities such as excessive employee overtime hours, excessive time spent at a location, and speeding violations. Based on these findings, FleetMatics designed “exception reporting.” Fleet owners can specify acceptable daily company allowances including working hours, vehicle idling times, and vehicle mileage. Exceptions to these allowances are flagged and can be addressed to optimize performance.

These new features are in addition to FleetMatics’ existing system, which includes live fleet tracking, route replay, key management reports, and real time alerts. Live fleet allows fleet managers to view their vehicles in real-time, refreshed on a map every 90 seconds, and reports vehicle status, location, and speed.