NASHVILLE, TN – Complementing Infiniti’s three-model lineup in Europe (G, EX, M) will be the new second-generation FX SUV. Infiniti has revised the FX’s curvy, taut styling to reduce wind resistance, which is now down to 0.35 cd, according to The FX is available with Nissan’s self-healing “Scratch Shield” paint, which actually repairs itself.


On the inside, the FX’s cabin remains familiar, with the same double-wave instrument panel, but with new controls and a new steering wheel.

The top of the line V8-powered FX is now the FX50, thanks to a new 5.0L V-8 engine that delivers 380+ horsepower, 368 ft.-lb. of torque, and has a redline of 6,900 rpm. The new engine is mated to a brand new seven-speed automatic transmission, and features magnesium paddles for manual mode shifting. The FX is aided by ATESSA active all-wheel drive and active rear-wheel steering, an item that’s been borrowed from the G37 Coupe. Infiniti has also improved comfort levels, adding adaptive damping, and has fitted lightweight forged 21-inch alloy wheels to help improve the SUV’s ride quality. The new 2009 FX will arrive in dealerships this June, with details on the V-6 model expected to arrive soon.