SAN RAMON, Calif. --- Chevron Global Marketing announced the launch of Chevron Diesel with Techron D, an advanced cleaning additive specially formulated for diesel vehicles.

Over the next few weeks, the product will be introduced in a total of 48 Chevron-branded stations throughout the Sacramento area. Chevron's new product is in response to the expected growth of light-duty diesel passenger vehicles, which are more fuel efficient and, therefore, can produce lower greenhouse gas emissions than conventional gasoline vehicles. Techron D is Chevron's advanced detergent additive that helps keep fuel injectors clean so that diesel engines can run more efficiently.


Modern diesel engines have a significant advantage over conventional gasoline engines --– they produce more power from the same amount of fuel and can achieve 20 percent to 40 percent better fuel economy. They also have greater durability, resulting in longer engine life. Dramatic advances have been made in diesel engine technology in recent years to improve emissions performance. These advances have spurred key automakers to announce plans to introduce many new diesel passenger vehicles in North America in the next few years --– from high-performance sports cars and sedans to fuel-efficient SUVs.


"Next-generation diesel cars are cleaner, quieter, more efficient and more powerful than ever, thanks to the latest technologies in engine design and emissions control," said Shariq Yosufzai, president of Chevron Global Marketing. "The North American diesel passenger vehicle market is expected to grow rapidly and Chevron is positioned to be the leader in high-quality diesel to help enable this growth. Whether fueling one of the new models of diesel cars being released or fueling cars and pickup trucks already on the road, Chevron Diesel with Techron D is designed to help minimize performance-robbing deposits so that drivers can get the most out of their diesel vehicles."

Chevron Diesel with Techron D is an ultra-low sulfur diesel with an advanced organic detergent additive that helps protect against the formation of harmful fuel injector deposits that can disrupt the optimum fuel spray pattern and can result in power loss, reduced fuel economy and increased emissions, Chevron said.

Techron D is also formulated to help guard against corrosion that can cause fuel system damage and the formation of gums that can plug fuel filters. Like all Chevron ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels, Chevron Diesel with Techron D is formulated for improved lubricity, which helps prevent fuel pump and injector wear and damage.

Motorists in Sacramento will soon notice signage highlighting stations with Chevron Diesel with Techron D. Marketing efforts will kick off in the coming weeks to increase awareness of Chevron Diesel with Techron D. An online campaign, enhanced point-of-purchase materials, advertising, and all new promotions are designed to drive diesel traffic to Sacramento Chevron stations.