CHATTANOOGA, TN – BudgetGPS has released version 2.0 of its primary operating system, as well as a new, more aggressive pricing structure designed to allow smaller fleets access to truck-mounted GPS services. The new version of BudgetGPS continues to use Google Maps and now includes additional navigation and reporting options. The latest version of the BudgetGPS offering is a truck-mounted solution utilizing the Sprint Nextel i355 handset technology from Motorola.


The secure, truck-mounted apparatus is dedicated to GPS, eliminating the confusion of traditional handset-based software and offers additional installation flexibility. BudgetGPS is designed to be intuitive both in setup and daily use. Customers log in to the BudgetGPS Web site and access their own instance of BudgetGPS to track their fleets, run reports, and review history. System security manages user roles and access to certain features. The system offers HTML reports as well as export options for utilizing the data within other applications.

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