PLANO, TEXAS - Remote Dynamics, a provider of asset tracking and fleet management solutions, has introduced an array of Web 2.0 features in their new REDIview 2.1 product release, according to

Now available, REDIview 2.1 builds upon the wireless technology featured in Remote Dynamics’ previous application, REDIview 2.0. The software introduces three key features that provide customers more choices:

· Satellite Aerial Imagery: Allows users to not only identify their vehicles on standard graphical maps, but also track vehicles in relation to predetermined target locations using aerial imagery. Instead of simply tracking vehicles by address on standard maps, aerial imagery allows customers to visualize the exact location of any asset.

· Sensor Logic: Expands the set of criteria that managers can use for alerts of real-time exceptions. For example, a REDIview user could be alerted that the door to a vehicle has been opened, the power has been removed, and the event occurred during non-business hours, among many other options.

· Private Labeling: New software can be private labeled, allowing other service providers to resell the software under their brand name to their customers.