CAMPBELL, CA – California Water Service Company is one of the latest fleets to start using Agile FleetCommander fleet and motor pool management software.

The Web-based software is being used to manage more than 500 vehicles located at 24 separate sites. Cal Water’s fleet consists of assigned vehicles, as well as vehicles that are used in a motor pool environment. 

Cal Water is using Agile FleetCommander to track maintenance and to manage the motor pools. Automated maintenance reminders alert staff to near-due and past-due maintenance items. Work Orders are created to track maintenance activities and costs. Motor pool operations are streamlined through the use of FleetCommander’s online reservation system, tools for assigning and approving vehicles, and an automatically-updating fleet dashboard. All fleet operations now generate metrics that feed valuable reports, such as maintenance cost reports and fleet utilization reports.


Sal Peinado, Cal Water’s Purchasing manager, said, “This has really helped get us organized and manage our fleet. We’ve always strived to streamline fleet operations, but we never had the right tool to efficiently collect and make sense of our fleet data at each site. The challenge in the past has been that we had data in many different systems and formats, but we just couldn’t merge all of our data into one common place to enable easy reporting and apples-to-apples comparison of performance across our fleet. With FleetCommander, data is easy to gather, and even easier to interpret and report on.”