GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – When Infiniti launched the redesigned G Coupe, it upgraded the VQ engine from 3.5L to 3.7L, gaining the new V-VEL valve timing, which resulted a name change from G35 to G37.

The Geneva Motor Show marks the launch of the G37 Sedan, which will be available in Sport (with active rear steering) and all-wheel drive variants, according to And although it just launched in North America at the start of this year, the EX compact sport crossover will also get the 3.7L engine to become the EX37.The 3.7L engine’s output grows to more than 306 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque.

When these cars arrive for model-year 2009 in North America, these figures should be closer to the G37 Coupe’s 330 hp and 270 ft.-lb. of torque.