NASHVILLE, TN - Fleet One, LLC, a provider of fuel cards and fleet-related payment solutions to businesses and government agencies with vehicles, announced it has signed an agreement with TransCard to be the processor of its new driver settlement card.

Fleet One has entered into a multi-year contract with Chattanooga, TN-based TransCard to issue a Fleet One branded card that will be carried by fleet drivers. Fleet owners and operators can instantly issue cards to drivers, allowing drivers to then manage their personal funds, and the process integrates seamlessly into the employer's existing direct deposit process.

"Having a quality partner with a quality platform and expertise in electronic processing of personal funds is vital for Fleet One and its clients," says Tom Wagner, Fleet One's Vice President of Strategic Markets. "Partnering with Fleet One allows us to gain market share by offering the program to thousands of fleet customers currently using the Fleet One fuel cards and significantly expands our distribution," says Craig Fuller, TransCard's President and CEO.