JERSEY CITY, N.J. - was engaged by New Jersey City University (NJCU) to perform an assessment of the Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) utilized by the various internal departments of NJCU. The results of the assessment showed that NJCU Fleet Management has built a self contained Computerized Fleet Management System from CollectiveData for fleet assets that are of world class quality.

The fleet of vehicles and miscellaneous machinery numbers less than 100 units total, all managed inside a fleet-specific CMMS from CollectiveData. All aspects of the life of the vehicles in the system are managed for maximum value, asset protection, life cycle cost, and safety.

The presence of a fully integrated system for work control is demonstrated in an environment where it can be seen in its entirety from the repair shop. Many of the vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking devices to monitor location, speed and other parameters. Fuel consumption and repair costs history are monitored to analyze potential problems and to plan for replacement of each vehicle. recommended that the fleet maintenance program be left as a standalone operation.