ORLANDO, FL – Sterling Truck Corporation has introduced a number of new factory-installed safety options. These products — air disc brakes, a new collision warning system from Eaton, and roll stability control (RSC) from Meritor WABCO — will be available on Sterling Set-Back A-Line, Set-Back L-Line, Set-Forward L-Line, and Acterra models.

These proprietary air disc brakes help reduce stopping distance and are offered on both the front and rear wheels. Additional benefits of these air disc brakes include a better response rate, shorter stopping distance, longer life, and longer service intervals. Air disc brakes will be available for order in March, with production starting mid-year.

The Eaton-VORAD Collision Warning systems have been spec’d in tens of thousands of trucks since Daimler Trucks North America started installing the systems in 1995. Now, Sterling will be offering a new system that includes features such as a cruise control regulating tool, a more compact sensor, and an easier-to-understand driver interface unit.

The Eaton-VORAD VS-400 Collision Warning system provides in-cab notifications that help the driver identify traffic conditions in advance. Alerts are provided for slow-moving vehicles, stationary objects, and short following distance warnings. This system also has the SmartCruise feature, which uses data from the collision warning system to help the truck maintain the appropriate minimum distance from the vehicle in front of it.

All of these notifications are communicated to the driver through an upgraded driver-interface unit that features an LCD screen with text and graphics. The unit can also display multiple warnings simultaneously, has dedicated collision warning LEDs.

The Eaton-VORAD VS-400 system will be available for order in the fourth quarter of the year.

WABCO RSC is a system for avoiding rollover accidents. RSC continually checks and updates the lateral acceleration of the tractor and compares it to a critical threshold where rollover may occur. When the critical threshold is met, RSC intervenes by reducing engine torque and engaging the engine retarder, while automatically applying drive axle and trailer brakes. Frequently, activation takes place before the driver is even aware of the need. The Meritor WABCO RSC is currently available for order.

For more information about these products and to find a local dealer, visit www.SterlingTrucks.com or call (800) STL-HELP.