MIAMI –, a car lease transfer company, announced its monthly Index for December, with the BMW 3 Series topping the list of America’s most preferred leased vehicle for the third straight month.

The BMW 3 Series offers luxury and space while delivering a quiet and comfortable driving experience. The car is among BMW’s best all-time selling models due to its combination of power, agility, luxury, and high performance. Starting with the 3 Series, BMW continues to set the standard for upscale high performance luxury vehicles catering to people who think driving should be an exciting experience.

“The BMW 3 Series continues to be the most popular car on our site because it’s a marriage of both luxury and affordability,” said Sergio Stiberman, CEO and founder of “Despite the slowing economy, people still want to enjoy a trendy car with great performance. The BMW 3 Series delivers at a price point that is very budget-friendly.” publishes a monthly Index of America’s most preferred vehicles for lease transfer. The Index is based off user activity on the Web site, which includes thousands of today’s vehicles in almost every brand, make and model. users enjoy taking over someone else’s leased vehicle because they avoid paying a dealer down payment and have shorter lease terms.

Following are the top-ten most popular transferred lease vehicles in America during January, according to user activity on

1. BMW 3 Series

2. Mercedes C Class

3. BMW X Series

4. Land Rover Sport

5. Cadillac Escalade

6. Cadillac CTS

7. BMW 5 Series

8. Mercedes SL Class

9. Mercedes E350

10. Mercedes S550