HODGKINS, IL – OPW Fuel Management Systems, part of OPW Fueling Components, has scheduled its next Web-based product training seminar. The latest virtual training seminar will focus on the AFC Fleet Control System and has been set for March 20-22, beginning at 9 a.m. (CDT) and continuing for two hours each day. The course is designed to demonstrate the use of the AFC Fleet Control System and prepare technicians to successfully complete virtual labs and product certification testing. Course registrations are on a first-come, first-serve basis and registration is closed five business days prior to training. The maximum class size is 15 with a minimum of five registrants required. For a list of the systems required for Web-based training, visit support.webex.com/support/system-requirements.html. All registrants must have high-speed Internet access and an active individual e-mail address. Registrants must also download and read the AFC Fleet Control System Product Training Guide prior to the seminar. Available at no cost to qualified technicians and distributors, the Web-based training seminars are a series of year-long opportunities to certify or re-certify service technicians on OPW Fuel Management Systems’ line of OPW Tank Gauges and Petro Vend Fuel Control systems and software. The specific product groups covered in the Web-based training seminars include the SiteSentinel 1 and OPW 1500 tank gauges, K800 Phoenix Premier and System2 Phoenix Premier software systems, and FSC3000 Fuel Site Controller/ARTWare software, in addition to the AFC Fleet Control System. Also, OPW has also scheduled a series of onsite seminars for its K800 and System2 fuel control systems, along with an overview on Network Interfaces. The onsite seminars are designed to make service technicians more effective through product presentations and hands-on-training. During the seminar, OPW instructors will demonstrate system start-ups and general operations of the K800 and System2. OPW will award certificates of achievement on the systems covered during the seminar upon completion. A small fee is also required to attend the onsite seminars. The next onsite seminar will be held from April 17-20 in Denver. Qualified technicians and distributors can register for any onsite and Web-based training seminars on OPW Fuel Management Systems’ Web site at www.opwfms.com/ by clicking on the “Service Seminar Schedule” link in the Tech Support section or by calling Beverly Belton at (708) 485-4200.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials