According to a new study by the JD Power and Associates research firm, nearly one-third of new-vehicle buyers in the U.S. would have some level or purchase consideration for a vehicle with a clean diesel engine. The proviso with this is that only one-third of those surveyed indicated that they had ever heard of clean diesel technology. “Consumers are already aware of traditional diesel engines and many have developed a rather negative image of them,” said Thad Malesh, director of alternative-power technology practice at JD Power. He explained that manufacturers are going to have to combat the negative attitudes toward traditional diesels and inform consumers that clean diesels are cleaner and quieter than any diesels on the road today. According to JD Power, the study showed that consumers expect to see more diesel engines in full-size and compact pickups, and least expect them in minivans and entry-level SUVs.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials