CAMPBELL, CA – Cornell University has selected FleetCommander to optimize the management of the university’s fleet staff and vehicles. FleetCommander is tracking more than 750 motor pool, permanently-assigned, and department-owned vehicles. The fleet consists of sedans, minivans, vans, pickup trucks, SUVs, and Suburbans.

Cornell University Fleet Services provides safe, clean, and reliable transportation to university staff and departments. FleetCommander tools will be employed to streamline maintenance, motor pool, billing, and other fleet management functions. A pool of 250 vehicles serves the needs for short-term and long-term vehicle requests.

Immediately, FleetCommander will enhance the customer service provided to motor pool users via the intuitive, Web-based fleet tools such as the online vehicle request system. Real-time policy enforcement, error-checking and data validation, and informative system-generated e-mails enhance the fleet experience for end-users and provide volumes of valuable, easy-to-interpret metrics for the fleet staff.