CAMPBELL, CA – Agile Access Control, Inc. announced that the Commonwealth of Kentucky's Department of Agriculture is now using the FleetCommander fleet and motor pool management software. The web-based software is being used to manage hundreds of vehicles located across 120 counties throughout Kentucky.

Ed Smith, Agile's president stated, "I am very excited to see this particular launch of FleetCommander. The web-based nature of our application is perfect for allowing the Department of Agriculture (KDA) to streamline maintenance, import fuel transactions, and manage other aspects of the fleet and the fleet's drivers. Fleet managers and drivers throughout the Commonwealth can now provide valuable information such as mileage data, and get dozens of reports, by logging in to FleetCommander. It's that simple."

KDA will be using the automated mileage collection tool, combined with the preventive maintenance capabilities of FleetCommander for coordinating maintenance activities. Automatic reminders based on time or mileage thresholds are generated when maintenance is past due. Email reminders about past due maintenance are sent to the vehicle drivers. And, maintenance activities are coordinated with local vendors and costs are tracked using FleetCommander's work order system.

The KDA is yet another customer in the government market space for Agile. 24 percent of Agile customers are in the government sector. Next to the educational market, 38 percent, this is the largest segment of Agile's customer base.

Matt Wade, Vice President of Agile Sales & Marketing forecasts their government sector to grow. "Innovative government clients such as Kentucky pave the way for others to jump on board with FleetCommander. They are forward-thinkers and their use of FleetCommander across 120 counties and their drive to integrate their disparate fleet systems is just a glimpse at what is possible when you've got a web-based infrastructure to build upon. And, we've got it."