TOKYO – Nissan has provided more technical details about its new advanced parking aid system called the Around View Monitor, according to The system will make its debut on the U.S. market on the new Infiniti EX35, which is scheduled for launch in December.

The Japanese automaker describes the high-tech parking aid system as a “world’s first.” It bundles four small cameras mounted at the front, sides, and rear of the vehicle. The cameras give the driver a 180-degree viewing angle. The driver can choose which view is displayed on the cabin monitor — including two separate camera-specific images and an integrated top-down graphic representation — based on the direction in which the vehicle is moving.

The sensors show the distance to an obstacle in colored graphics. The system uses an audible “beeping” alert to let the driver know when the vehicle is approaching a fixed object.

The system hits the market as an option in the new Nissan Elgrand minivan at the end of October. Nissan has not yet announced U.S. pricing on the high-tech option, according to