Los Angeles - TrafficSchool.com, a company that provides online traffic safety and defensive driving classes announced the launch of a promotion with The Motorlease Corporation to provide current and prospective Motorlease clients with exclusive access to TrafficSchool.com’s Fleet Safety Course at discount pricing.

The alliance provides Motorlease clients with an effective, economical driver training solution as well as ensuring their fleet and employees are protected. Motorlease clients will also benefit from custom course access, additional exclusive resources, and administrative tools to organize the fleet driver safety process. Interested parties can read more about the partnership at www.motorleasecorp.com/driver-safety.htm.

“Driver training and safety is one of the most important aspects of managing a fleet, and we are happy to provide an affordable and simple driver safety solution for Motorlease clients. The financial and human benefits of a proactive approach to driver safety are very real, and we feel this partnership will add yet another valuable offering to Motorlease’s services,” said Masa Patterson, Fleet Safety Director of TrafficSchool.com.