DETROIT - Springboard Consulting LLC and Work Life Matters magazine announced the 2008 Disabilities Matters Conference will be hosted July 22 by General Motors at its global headquarters in Detroit.

"We selected July 22 in celebration of the 18th Anniversary of the ADA," says Nadine Vogel, president of Springboard Consulting. "We are very pleased and honored that GM is hosting next year's awards gala, particularly since they were honored this year for their outstanding marketing to the special needs community," says Lori Sokol, founder & publisher of Work Life Matters magazine.

The conference features seminars on marketing, diversity, and work life issues affecting both consumers and employees who either have a disability or have a child or other dependent with special needs.

In addition to GM, other companies receiving awards in 2007 were Ernst & Young, Ford Motor Company, IBM, and Walt Disney World Resort. Companies were selected for their “pioneering dedication to the Special Needs community by providing innovative practices and programs addressing both consumers and/or employees who either have a disability or have a family member with special needs for purposes of productivity, retention and revenue,” according to according to Workshop Matters. The three categories include marketing, work-life and diversity.

More information about the 2007 winners and applications for the 2008 Disability Matters awards and company sponsorships are available on the Springboard Web site at, click on Disability Matters. To learn more about Work Life Matters magazine, visit