BOSTON, MA – LoJack Corp. has entered into an agreement with its Mexican licensee, CarMart, to combat the growing problem of cross-border vehicle theft, according to Telematics Update. The two companies will support the LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System in the United States and in Mexico by sharing key technologies that enable system activation on either side of the border. They will also collaborate on recovering stolen vehicles that are driven across the border.

In the United States, the agreement will cover key cities near the Mexican border in California, Texas, and Arizona; and in Mexico, it will cover key cities along the U.S. border. This arrangement is effective immediately.

According to LoJack’s vice president of law enforcement, Patrick Clancy, reports from California, Arizona, and Texas indicate that nearly 20,000 stolen vehicles are driven across the US-Mexican border every year, with Arizona alone possibly accounting for 12,500 of those vehicles, according to Telematics Update.