LONDON, U.K. --- A new benchmarking Web site for United Kingdom fleet managers has found that 35 percent of fleet operators fail to fully comply with all relevant corporate and regulatory requirements for fleet safety. According to Motoring News, the Fleet Safety Benchmarking project has had 170 fleet managers sign up to take the 10-question fleet safety audit. The project is run by the Fleet Safety Forum in partnership with risk management specialists Interactive Driving Systems. Funded by the Department of Transport, the Web site lets companies anonymously compare their fleet safety procedures and crash data with that of other companies. Statistics from the project reveal that only 47 percent of companies participating had a comprehensively written, signed and dated Safety, Health and Environmental Management policy, which spells out objectives and commitment to improving driver safety. Only 44 percent optimized work schedules and travel requirements to prevent drowsy driving and encourage compliance with speed limits, working time regulations and road safety laws. Only 54 percent gave all new employees formal introductory training that covered policy, equipment, collision and fuel reporting, emergency procedures, vehicle maintenance and overall safety. Only 58 percent had a system in place to maintain driver records addressing medical information, license checks, training records, collision history and fuel efficiency.