WASHINGTON, D.C. --- In light of soaring gasoline prices, now is a good time to remind drivers of the simple steps they can take to increase fuel efficiency. The federal government recommends the following: 1. Drive sensibly. Aggressive driving --- sudden acceleration and sudden braking --- wastes gas. 2. Comply with the speed limit. Gas mileage tends to fall rapidly at speeds above 60 mph. 3. Remove excess weight. Don't use your trunk as a storage locker. 4. Avoid excessive idling. (Sometimes it's best to plan a route that avoids left turns that require a lot of waiting.) 5. Use cruise control. 6. Use overdrive gears. 7. Keep your car properly maintained and tuned. A poorly tuned car can use more than 25 percent more gas 8. Use steel-belted radial tires. They increase gas mileage up to 10 percent. 9. Check your tire pressure weekly. 10. Combine tasks into one trip. 11. Don't top off your tank when pumping gas. On a warm day, gasoline expands and can overflow.