TORONTO, ONTARIO – AirIQ Inc. has announced that Pyramid Corp. has selected AirIQ’s digital Field Service solution, ServiceIQ, for it’s large fleet of field service vehicles. ServiceIQ provides fleet owners with enhanced fleet safety and security features and tools to improve operating efficiencies and customer service performance. Pyramid Corp., headquartered in Nisku, Alberta, is a privately held Canadian company serving Western Canada and the United States. Pyramid Corp. will equip more than 600 vehicles with AirIQ’s ServiceIQ solution. Among other divisions, Pyramid’s Construction Services Division is comprised of specialized mobile project teams. “With a mobile fleet, employee safety is an ongoing concern. Since installing our vehicles with the AirIQ solution, we have seen a significant decrease in speed violations and collisions. Safety of employees and security of our assets are of the utmost importance to Pyramid and by the application of technologies like ServiceIQ, we see continuous improvements,” states Tim Kolsmith, Corporate Security. ServiceIQ, by AirIQ, allows clients to see when their vehicles arrive and leave a location, be notified of speed violations, locate vehicles on-demand, and other functions and reporting tools. More interactive information enables a company to better understand fleet vehicle movements throughout the day, improving operating efficiencies and promoting safe driving practices. “Since launching our new digital ServiceIQ solution in the fall of last year, our customers are benefiting from enhanced functionality. The AirIQ digital solution will enable Pyramid to strengthen their safety record, better protect their assets, improve customer service, and improve their ability to manage their fleet.” says Anne Taylor, vice president of AirIQ’s Commercial Fleet Division.