HANNOVER, GERMANY – Trimble has introduced the Lassen DR+GPS module that combines dead reckoning (DR) with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology on a single, compact board. When GPS signals are limited or not available, such as in urban canyons and tunnels, the Trimble Lassen DR+GPS module provides accurate positioning information. Dead reckoning estimates position based on heading and distance traveled since the last known position. The more accurate the speed, time, and heading inputs, the more accurate the dead reckoning. GPS continuously calibrates the gyro and speed sensors to produce optimal dead reckoning. The Lassen DR+GPS module accepts inputs from an analog gyro, an odometer pulse, and a forward/reverse indicator. Its sophisticated DR+GPS algorithm automatically calibrates the sensors and optimally blends the sensor inputs and GPS to produce accurate position and velocity outputs in hostile GPS environments such as urban canyons. The Lassen DR+GPS module and developers kit are available now through Trimble’s distribution network.