CHICAGO, IL – First Look, the pre-owned performance management and inventory optimization solution of INCISENT Technologies, and Driveitaway have joined together to bring Driveitaway’s upstream off-fleet inventory to First Look dealers. Through this collaboration, First Look’s inventory optimization system will identify the Driveitaway listings that best match each dealer’s inventory needs. Dealers can find up stream off-rental and off-lease vehicles that have the highest likelihood of turning more quickly and producing higher profits for dealerships that subscribe to First Look. Driveitaway lists off-fleet units upstream before they are transported to a physical auction, giving First Look dealers a ‘first look’ at the best units available.

“In the current very competitive automotive retailing environment, those dealers that combine the benefits of sophisticated used-car performance management and inventory optimization tools, with the most advanced and cost effective online access to vehicles remarketed upstream, are truly ahead of those dealers who lack the technological tools and vehicle access,” said John Possumato, CEO of CAR.