LOS ANGELESTrafficSchool.com, a provider of online traffic safety classes for individuals, and supplier of its online fleet safety course for organizations, has announced a new Fleet Safety Portal (TrafficSchool.com/explain-jobrelated.asp) on its Web site, providing a collection of driver safety information and resources for fleet and safety managers. The updated Fleet Safety Portal has been restructured with an assortment of information designed to assist corporations in creating an effective fleet safety program. Fleet safety managers can calculate how much an accident costs their company, view customization options for their organization, compare online employee training to previous methods of training, read about fleet safety topics in the news, and demo TrafficSchool.com’s online fleet safety course. “We are pleased to offer this collection of useful resources to the fleet safety community, and hope to simplify the driver safety training process for safety minded organizations across the country,” said Masa Patterson, Fleet Safety Director. “We look forward to continuing to expand the information available through our Fleet Safety Portal, and helping companies take a proactive, practical approach to developing and sustaining a fleet safety culture.” More than half a million drivers have improved their skills through TrafficSchool.com’s online programs, reported the company. TrafficSchool.com has worked closely with large municipalities, public and private companies, and several state DMVs, and is an affiliate member of the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA).