TUSCALOOSA, AL – Louisiana has the worst roads in the United States, according to a recent survey by Overdrive magazine. The survey, called “Highway Report Card,” has rated U.S. highways for the past 16 years. In the voting on “toughest truck inspections and law enforcement,” California remains at the top of the toughest. Alabama’s enforcement ranks as the weakest. I-40 in Tennessee was lauded as the best road in America, beating I-20 in Texas by more than two percentage points. And in Arkansas, the stretch of I-40 that runs the entire 284-mile width of the state was named the most improved road, leaving Arkansas out of the Worst Roads’ top five for the first time in a decade. Trailing Louisiana by only two-tenths of a percent for its typical top spot in the worst-roads category was Pennsylvania. Other survey highlights:

  • Most respondents said road rage had increased over the year, as more and more vehicles battle for the same space.
  • California retained the dubious honor of having the worst automobile drivers, with New York and Illinois trading second and third spots this year.
  • Texas again had the best drivers.

    More than 400 readers responded to this year’s survey.

    Worst Roads

    1. Louisiana
    2. Pennsylvania
    3. California
    4. Illinois
    5. Michigan

    Best Roads

    1. Texas
    2. Florida
    3. Tennessee
    4. Georgia
    5. Virginia

    Worst Road

    1. I-10 Louisiana
    2. I-80 Pennsylvania
    3. I-40 Arkansas
    4. I-5 California
    5. I-40 Oklahoma

    Best Road

    1. I-40 Tennessee
    2. I-20 Texas
    3. I-75 Florida
    4. I-80 Ohio
    5. I-81 Virginia

    Most Improved Road

    1. I-40 Arkansas
    2. (tie) I-44 Missouri & I-80 Pennsylvania
    3. I-70 Missouri
    4. I-30 Arkansas
    5. I-10 Texas

    Toughest Truck Inspections and Law Enforcement

    1. California
    2. Ohio
    3. Virginia
    4. Pennsylvania
    5. Texas

    Weakest Truck Inspections and Law Enforcement

    1. Alabama
    2. Oklahoma
    3. Texas
    4. West Virginia
    5. Nevada