AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – Kodak has named LeasePlan International as its Supplier of the Year for successfully implementing processes to streamline its fleet policy. The award, which covers LeasePlan International’s work in Kodak’s Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region, follows a major program of productivity improvements and cost reductions for the 2,100 Kodak company cars managed by LeasePlan across 20 European countries. The main critera for being nominated is continuous improvement, customer focus, superior service, and double-digit productivity year over year. LeasePlan International and Kodak achieved savings well in excess of that figure by streamlining the Kodak’s fleet policy. Matt Dyer, managing director of LeasePlan International, said, “Previously Kodak worked with a wide range of vehicle manufacturers in every country. Working together, we were able to reduce that to only two main suppliers for Kodak’s entire business car fleet. “That enabled Kodak to negotiate better discounts for vehicle acquisition and achieve significant cost savings across the fleet.” According to Stephanie Smart, Kodak’s European purchasing director and VP, “Partnering with LeasePlan International has enabled us to run a cost-effective fleet that is managed centrally but conforms to the individual needs of each of our European offices.”