PRINCETON, NJ – ALK Technologies, Inc. has released PC*MILER|FuelTax 12, fuel tax reporting software available for motor carriers and private fleets. This new version is the 12th annual release of the enterprise business solution, and 2006 marks the 20th annual release of PC*MILER. New features include 53’ routing availability and a Tractor Odometer Report that allows the user to see the odometer readings for each tractor. PC*MILER|FuelTax automates the entire fuel-tax process. The application generates rates and forms for all United States and Canadian jurisdictions and instantly calculates fuel and mileage taxes, refunds, and credits. The application also provides state mileage summaries, fleet performance reports, and quarterly updates for compliance with the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and the International Registration Plan (IRP) provisions. These quarterly updates can be downloaded from ALK’s Web site at, making up-to-the minute data easy to access. Also, up to two weeks has been added between the availability of the update and tax filing deadlines. Quarterly tax rates and forms are available immediately and are accessible at all times. PC*MILER|FuelTax can import data from mobile communications and transportation management systems. The application seamlessly integrates with PC*MILER and PC*MILER|Streets to automatically calculate mileage and trip times. The application can also be used as a stand-alone product.