To mark the anniversary of the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), United Spinal Association has launched Taxis For All–North America (TFANA), a new initiative designed to inform individuals with disabilities about the benefits of wheelchair-accessible taxi service and provide advocacy tools to help start such service in any community

The project was developed in response to the lack of accessible transportation services, which is contributing to keeping persons with disabilities out of the labor force and isolated in their homes.

As the ADA proved to be landmark legislation, protecting the basic civil rights of more than 43 million Americans with disabilities, it is envisioned that TFANA will help eliminate some of the mobility and transportations issues that are not addressed in the ADA.

“We have learned a great deal through our leadership in New York City’s Taxis For All Campaign coalition and we are just beginning to see the fruits of our labor here,” said Paul Tobin, executive director of United Spinal Association. “By spreading information about our accessible taxi advocacy experience, United Spinal Association can make an important contribution toward improving accessible transportation services for all persons with disabilities.”

At, visitors will also receive updates about a new company called Standard Vehicles, which plans to unveil the first-ever, U.S.-made, factory-built, accessible sedan taxicab.

Known as the ‘Standard Taxi,’ the vehicle includes, as an option, a ramp that extends from the right-side rear passenger door and a wheelchair seating location in the front next to the driver’s area. Standard Vehicles expects its accessible taxi to be introduced to North American taxicab and paratransit markets soon and to retail at a price competitive with existing non-accessible sedan taxis.