ROCHESTER, WI – Runzheimer International has launched its Second Annual Total Employee Mobility Benchmarking Process. This tool measures the total employee mobility costs of organizations providing comprehensive information relating to key areas of employee mobility, including business vehicle, travel, mobile/home office, corporate aircraft, relocation, and international assignment programs. Runzheimer’s 2005 Total Employee Mobility Benchmarking Process revealed that companies spent nearly 13 percent of their operating income to support and manage their mobile workforce. First-time productivity and spend metrics, as well as the relationship of a company’s total employee mobility investment to growth, also surfaced. Runzheimer has had broad participation from a cross-section of corporate America in its process, including companies such as ADP, Motorola, DuPont, Xerox, AT&T, and Thrivent Financial. Results from the 2006 process will be published this fall and presented at Runzheimer’s 2nd Annual Benchmarking Forum, which is scheduled for Oct. 10 in Chicago. Runzheimer Best Practices Awards will also be presented at the Forum. To participate in this year’s process or obtain results, contact Heidi Skatrud at Runzheimer International at 1-800-558-1702 or