CHICAGO – Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd) has purchased 35 new Ford Escape Hybrids for the utility’s vehicle fleet. ComEd provides service to approximately 3.7 million customers across Northern Illinois, or 70 percent of the state’s population. This brings ComEd’s total number of Ford Escape Hybrids to 49, which is roughly 30 percent of its overall SUV fleet. Supervisors and technical inspectors throughout ComEd’s service territory will use the vehicles. ComEd first added Ford Escape Hybrids to its fleet last year and those vehicles experienced about a 10 mile-per-gallon improvement in fuel economy, compared to the utility’s conventional Escape SUVs. ComEd also is one of the nation’s largest consumers of biodiesel fuel. All of the utility’s 2,100 diesel-operated vehicles run on a biodiesel blend that contains 20-percent soybean oil.